Apply for Services

Do you have friends, family, or neighbors who could benefit from THRIVE Network services?
Thrive Network offers a wide range of programs to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, from housing, respite, and habilitation programs to case management, service coordination, and residential assistance.

The first step to receive services is to assemble a referral packet with information about the individual who is in need of assistance. Referral packets must include:

Packets should be submitted to:

The THRIVE Network
Attn: Intake Department
241 37th Street, Suite 604
Brooklyn, NY 11232

After the referral is received, the Thrive Network conducts a screening. Screenings are available at the individual’s home, hospital, school, day program, or another setting where the individual and the family will feel comfortable.
The referral and screening are used in consideration of the individual’s Thrive eligibility.

Contact our offices to learn more about the enrollment process in Medicaid and eligibility requirements and to learn more about the enrollment process.

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